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How to make a paper plate butterfly

As I was mulling over craft ideas about Saul turning into Paul (yes, as if by magic!), I thought of the transformations that happen in our world, or on Cybertron – but thought it just might be a bit too tricky to make a car that turns into a robot. So I settled for the ever popular metamorphosis of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. In my research on the internet, I came across several good-looking paper plate caterpillars, and since I had a stack of paper plates at home, I went one step further and added wings too.

Here’s how I made it…

Step 1:

Draw lines on the outer ridged part of the paper plate to separate into 3 equal sections. Cut along these lines and around the centre circle of the plate so that we have 3 caterpillar bodies, comme ça.

Step 2:

Draw 3 circles in the centre of the paper plate for the caterpillar faces (or heads). You can find a suitable object to draw around, like my Winnie-the-Pooh pencil sharpener here.

Step 3:

Put some stubby antennae on the top of the heads, then cut them out.

Step 4:

If you wish, write the Bible verse “If anyone is in Christ, they are a new creation.” – 2 Corinthians 5:17 on the caterpillar body. It may help the children remember why we’re making the butterfly, and not just a science lesson.

Step 5:

Colour in the face and the body. Staple them together.

Step 6:

Now take another paper plate and fold it in half. Hold the doubled up plate firmly and cut into both halves together to make some wing shapes. I did mine freehand – just winging it! Go on, try it…

Step 7:

Open up the wings and colour in on the concave side of the plate. I used Sharpies, but you might want to let the kids use washable felt tips or colouring pencils, or decorate in any way you see fit.

Step 8:

Fold up the wings so the coloured sides are facing outwards. Staple them to the caterpillar body, and voila, you have a beautiful butterfly!

I find that with my group, it’s best to do all the cutting out beforehand, so they can concentrate on the colouring.

Let me know if you’ve tried making this!


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